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And the mother who gave birth to you!

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This year, Imán awards are dedicated to the mothers of professionals working in advertising.


For the first time these awards are not dedicated to advertisers but to their mothers. Shacketon is the agency in charge of this project. The goal is to explain the mothers of creatives, planners, account directors and other advertising professionals, what their children's work consist of.

But, what do they know about a briefing?


And what does an account director do? That's the easy one, sure that they know the answer!


These are just some of the videos that Shackleton included in the campaign.

If our mothers don't know what our work is about, how can they be proud of us?


In order to solve this problem, the agency created lucid presentations.



Mothers are the stars of this year edition of Iman awards and the gala, with their personal participation, will be held in their honour.


Although this year edition of awards is exceptionally dedicated to them, there is no doubt that mothers play an important role in their children' work constantly. Despite not knowing what our job consist of, they are always proud of us and are our biggest fans. After all it doesn't matter that they don't know how to explain what we do for a living to the family or friends. They have always trust on us.


So this year and everyday is dedicated to moms!


Resource: Fecemd.



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