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Frito-Lay: Only in a woman's world

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Anna, Cheryl, Maya and Nikku are the main characters of Frito-Lay's latest campaign directed to women.


How to make women nibble Frito-Lay's snacks?


According to The New York Times, although women nibble more often than men, 61% of them prefer to eat fruits or vegetables.

Juniper Park's research done for Frito-Lay revealed that women feel guilty when they nibble. The brand decided to fight the bad conscious by presenting its snacks as healthy products and creating female cartoon characters that women can identify with.

As a consequence, the campaign "Only in a Woman's World" and the web were born. In the web, four women chat about food, sport and men.

The cartoon characters have different personalities and they are the main characters of webisodes, funny games and other online applications that everyone can share with their friends. You can even ¨become their friend¨.


Why do we think that this campaign will succeed?


  • Because the characters represent real women
  • Because it's interactive
  • Because you can feel like one of them
  • Because you can share your experience with your friends
  • Because it's a product created specially for women
  • Because the website is funny
  • Because cartoons talk about women's worries


Frito-Lay made an effort to learn more about women, and this is the final result.


Resource: She-conomy, Marketingews.



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