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Women on strike…

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What would happen if women go on strike at home?




Due to the upcoming Women's International Day, The Basque Institute of Woman (Emakunde) launched a campaign whose slogan is "Women on strike".

With this action Emakunde wants to provoke the society to reflect on what could possibly happen in case women decide to go on strike and restrain from doing house works that correspond to them. According to the Basque Institute of Statistics (Eustat), women are in charge of 75% of house works and they dedicate three times more time for doing them.

Emakunde created a website where everyone can leave their comments on the topic. What would happen if women limit themselves to their professional work? What would change in your life if women, who are present in your surrounding, suddenly leave their house works? These are some of the questions you can answer on the web in different ways: through slogans, comics, videos, etc.

The comments left before the 3th of June will be published in a weekly magazine.

This year Emakunde has bet on a strong message. The slogan expresses exactly what the creators have on their minds and goes beyond the Women's International Day. The quotidian aspect of the fridge makes the campaign more familiar.

We will have to wait to watch people's comments, but surely many men would do anything to make their women stop the strike. Maybe, if put in this situation, men would finally understand the effort that house works involve. And women might realize that they have a full right to expect collaboration from their men.

Both, women and men, will be able to reflect on the women's reality in order to change it.


Resource: Diario Vasco.



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